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BIB coal is classed as an environmentally friendly sub-bituminous steaming coal as it contains very low ash and sulphur. The low pollutant content makes it ideal for clean burning and being used as blending coal to reduce the sulphur content of other bituminous coals.

• BIB Coal
Typical Specification:
- Total Moisture: 36%
- Inherent Moisture: 15% approx
- Ash Content: 7 %
- Volatile Matter: 42% approx
- Sulphur Content: 0.5%
- CV (ARB): 3900 kcal/kg


The marketing team motto of PT. Borneo Indobara is:

"Committed to Give the Best Value to Our Customers"
Since the commencement of BIB'S mining operations, markets have expanded rapidly the Majority of BIB coal has been used by world class Pulp and Paper manufactures, major Power Plants and Cement industries across Asia, including China, India, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, as well as Indonesia.


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